Rich Remy

Rich Remy was Born Will Daniel Remy and raised in the Poconos of Northern PA. He is of Trinidadian decent and at the of 8 his dad was deported back to Trinidad leaving his Mom to raise 3 kids alone.  Rich Remy began writing music growing up watching his brothers do music , and rapping in cyphers . Rich Remy wanted to participate in the cyphers they would have but he felt he was too young. One day he sat down with a pen and paper and wrote some fire. Waiting for the next back yard cypher,  he finally i got a chance to spit his first 16 for his brother and a large group of his friends the reaction was crazy. When Remy saw everybody’s reaction to His bars, that was the moment he knew he wanted to do music .

Over time Rich Remy has been perfecting his craft and found his signature sound crowning himself as King Of The Huah!King Of The Huah!


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