#NewVideoAlert Kartel Gang – “My Brothers Keeper” #listentothedj #BDM


“My Brothers Keeper” that’s exactly what our brother Russ Blade was! A great man in the prime of his life struck down by cowards who knew not of the greatness which was Russ Blade. On this tack, produced by “Nameless Music” was an ode to one another (King Bo & Russ Blade). Childhood friends since the sandbox days they never missed a chance to show each other love and forgive under any circumstances. That lifelong bond created a music family that carried over into other’s lives and unexpectedly changed them for the better. We will miss our brother dearly and carry on his legacy for generations to come. You made us all better people. #RussCity #KartelGang4EVER #BDM # PS R.I.P Russ Blade

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