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#RnBSoulSinger @BriggetteScott #performance at NYC Showcase #Winner

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Briggette Scott hails from Yonkers, New York. Briggette never realized how much love she had for music as a kid. She grew up listening to her dad DJ and was exposed to many genres of music.
This explains her love for “old school” 70’s and 80’s music, and growing up as a 90’s baby she is heavily influenced by the golden era of Hip Hop and 90’s R&B. With her dad’s hunger to get in the music business Briggette always admired that and would always listen to him play music memorizing words to songs at a very young age. Her mom would complain to her dad to turn the music down or off when it was getting late but he would continue to play music and Briggette would be right by his side. At the age of 5 years old Briggette sang Mary J Bliges’ “I’m going down” in front of her family and they loved her performance.

This made Briggette want to perform in front of people and that was the defining moment when she realized that this is what she wanted to do with her life. Briggette began singing in church. She would go to visit her uncle and go to his church every Sunday. Briggette joined the Children’s Choir and everybody in the congregation loved her voice. Her voice was so powerful that they ended up placing her with the adult choir. Singing gospel songs was second nature to Briggette as she would put her heart and soul into spiritual songs.

The 1st time Briggette performed in front of a audience of her peers was at her High School (Pocono Mountain East) talent show singing “Killing Me Softly” by the Fugees. She was so nervous to go up and sing but the results was well worth her efforts. The crowd was shocked that to hear that she had such a powerful voice because no one ever heard her sing before. Briggette went on to doing many more performances at her high school and in her last year of high school her highlight performing in the Hairspray Musical in the lead role of Motormouth Maybelle. Briggette received a standing ovation for her perfromance and continued getting standing ovations each night. Out of eight schools in the county Briggete won an award for most outstanding vocalist from a featured roll and it didn’t stop there.

Briggette was approached by a professional Broadway singer by the name of Judine Somerville in New York who was in attendence at 1 of the shows. Somerville was highly impressed with her performance and gave Briggette her contact in hopes of doing future work. Since then, Briggette has been doing performances around the tri state area, doing fundraisers and recently sang the national anthem at Dansbury Park’s Annual Freedom Fest in Stroudsburg PA in front of 5k people receiving rave reviews for her vocal performance.
Her biggest performance to date was at The listen to the DJ’s “Star Of The Show” talent showcase in Times Square NY. Briggette was 4th runner up catching the attention of Mystere Jones (MJ Mgmt) and winning a consulatation/ Artist DeveIopment deal with MJ Mgmt. Briggette is now in the studio working on her Debut project scheduled for release in the 1st quarter of 2015. On January 26, 2015 Briggette won 1st place at “The Gifted Showcase” at Le Reve in NYC!




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