Santa Runs Los Angeles Sporting a Lambo

Santa Claus is coming to Los Angeles in a Lamborghini Gallardo Spyder with his trusty elf. Watch Santa drive through LA burning rubber in a Lambo with a Christmas tree on top. Enjoy and have a Happy Holiday.

For most people across the world, the month of December is celebrated & known as Tis the Season to jolly. In the Entertainment Capital of the World holidays are celebrated a little bit differently for a elite group of upper echelon citizens with WLTH

Enter WLTH (Pronounced ‘Wealth’)
The lifestyles of the wealthy, famous, and notorious. WLTH is a website that gives a younger generation insight on the luxury lifestyle, fast and expensive cars, as well as education and insight on how to become wealthy. Enjoy exclusive articles and videos of some of the coolest and most expensive stuff money can (and sometimes can’t) buy.

“Listen to the DJ” is a Media platform for DJ’s, Established / Independent Artists & Entertainment News. The DJ is the respected Curator of the Music Industry & Urban Culture. DJ’s are at the helm of the thriving Hip Hop, Reggae & Pop Music Genres. According to Hip Hop music industry standards the DJ dictates & delegates what’s hot or not. Recording Artists make records & we break them. Without the DJ’s support or co-sign (stamp of approval) the record most likely will not succeed.

There are a few key ingredients to successfully breaking a record in our opinion: The DJ, Marketing / Promotion & the musical content (lyrics & production). Follow us on our journey while we document our travels filming, interviewing, photographing DJ’s, Recording Artists & Listeners across the Globe. Without the DJ, there would be no music!
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Source: Article by Kory Alden WLTH

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