@therealdprizzy Interview with @listentothedj & @yg in store

Listen to the DJ links up with YNVS DJ / Def Jam Promotions Rep DJ D Prizzy in NYC during YG’s “My Krazy Life” in store at Beats by Dre Soho Store for an exclusive interview.

Shot & Chopped by Chain-Saw @realdjchainsaw for Listentothedj.com

Twitter: @therealdprizzy
Instagram: @dprizzy_ynvs
Website: www.ynvs42.com

Shout out to Shampoo / YNVS & Def Jam Records

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Recording Artists make records & we break them. Without the DJ’s support or stamp of approval the record most likely will not succeed. There are a few key ingredients to successfully breaking a record in our opinion: The DJ, Marketing, Promotional dollars & musical content.

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