The Newark Times 2019 VMAS Afterparty

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We were invited to attend The Newark Times 2019 VMAS After Party in Newark, NJ on behalf of MJ Curve. Mystere Jones of Mystere Vision LLC gives a brief synopsis of his Company & gives his “Vision” of the nights festivities.

Curve Model & Influencer Yesenia Castillo assisted MJ & represented her Agency well!

MJ has a conversation with Peter who is also the Co Founder of Jimenez Tobacco of Newark NJ. Watch the interview to hear Peter describe what his Mother is the only one of in the world!

We had a chance to “chop it up” with the Chef of Newark, Sean Hassan founder of Rhythm N Food. Chef Hassan discusses the inspiration behind the name of his business & his former Career. He informs us he is Chef to Rapper, Singer & Songwriter Lauryn Hill. Chef Hassan gives his views on Veganism, his favorite Meal to cook & his most proud moment!

The event DJ, DJ Calqulated respectfully interrupts our conversation with the Chef Kanye West style to state his claim lol! Calqulated kept everyone on the dance floor with his eclectic musical playlist! correspondent DJ Chainsaw gives his “Chain Reaction” of the night festivities!

Shot & Chopped by Chainsaw Courtesy of Listen to the DJ LLC
Additional Videography by Mystere Jones
Courtesy of Mystere Vision LLC

“Listen to the DJ” Freestyle Performed by Briggette Scott

Shout to the Event Sponsor The Newark Times for the courtesy!

Thanks to Jimenez Tobacco for the hospitality!


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