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By August 9, 2021October 18th, 2023No Comments

Hey Listeners,

This is part 3/3 of our Interview with New Jersey Artist, Producer & Entrepreneur NOL Jones.

-NOL breaks down his “Code Black” record.

-Dj Chainsaw questions NOL about the “Swimming with the Fishes” bar & asks if he’s connected to the Italian Mafia.

-NOL names his favorite Books to read.

-Chain asks NOL where does the inspiration for his lyrics originate from.

-NOL jokes about going 10 for 10.

-NBA superstar Seth Curry gives NOL a pep talk.

-Chain asks NOL what’s his recording process & puts him on the spot for a freestyle.

-NoL explains how he hunts for beats & producing tracks for himself.

-Chain compares Jamaica’s Dancehall “Riddims” to instrumentals.

-NOL explains his relationship with Kanye West.

-Chain asks NoL why should Dj’s support his records.

-NOL talks about encouraging his talented friends to pursue their dreams.

-NOL touches on his business endeavors.

-Chain gives his “Chain Reaction”

-NOL says he wouldn’t single a record deal out.

Mystere Vision LLC Artist NOL Jones is Emerging musician out of central jersey making amazing music that most people don’t make anymore. Growing up he was always around music, his father was a rapper/producer very involved in the music industry. His father met his mother with the help of eminem’s tour manager (to be) & then NOL was born.

He started out making beats with a close friend in 2015, inspired by people such as J Dilla, Madlib & 9th wonder. This eventually led to him writing his first rap, which then led to him writing a verse every single day. He focused on production for the whole summer of 2016, making 1,000+ finished hip hop beats with his own energy & inspiration while mastering his signature trap sound.

His versatility allows him to bring you back with vivid storytelling & unique wordplay, while his uptempo music is undeniably good compared to mainstream records. The mix of quality instrumentals & supreme lyrics is helping him take New Jersey by storm.

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Shot & Chopped By: Chainsaw for Listen to the DJ LLC

Camera Operator: Chain & MJ

Lighting: Deezal Beats

Intro Theme Song: Briggette Scott

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