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NOL sets the tone of the get back with a tune called “Mixy” which has a uptempo trap rap versatile type beat. He’s giving out fart forewarnings then pooping all over the track. The hypnotic melodies, bouncy kick & snares are guaranteed to make you head nod, maaaud!

According to the the urban dictionary, the term “Mixy” has a negative undertone. “Mixy” usually involves someone who knows everyone and or the act of getting in the mix.

NOL ups the ante by following up with the self produced track titled “Quattro” The correlation to Audi’s popular swift all wheel drive model, the Quattro, his super fast flows, mentioning of hoes, was all strategically mapped out by NOL! Bars, Cars!

Track 3 is a boom bappy hip hoppy soul type beat titled “Floyd’s Dojo” NOL seems to pay homage to undefeated American professional boxing goat & promoter Pretty Boy Floyd Money Mayweather.

Merriam Webster defines the word “dojo” as a place or school used for training in various martial arts. It makes total sense why the record smells like a Wutang Staten Island restaurant that sells Vegas cosmopolitans. Comparable to a chapel of the bells marriage, hasty & memorable.

NOL does another double duty on “Greedy” as the producer & performer. It seems he has a theme going with uptempo high energy bouncy trap raps sprinkled with multiple basketball, money & honey references. On the track, NOL showcases his ability to be a team player that knows how to score on & off the court. In the same breath he gives off a one man army, ball hogger type vibe. Maybe that’s why he titled it “Greedy”

The arrangements, drop outs & sound effects are on pizziont. I can hear the Dj’s going crazy playing this back to back to back. The video is entertaining & matches most of NOL’s lyrics. I saw NOL had a director’s credit to the video as well. This mon have tree jobs pon dis ya record. Producer, performer & director! Pull it up selector!

After listening to 4 consecutive records that you could ball, ride, vibe, train or makes gains to, NOl breaks up the monotony & expresses his vulnerability & versatility on “Fight My Pride” NOL takes the Listeners on a Odyssee of bottled up emotions that swiftly seeps thru like that of a partially corked wine bottle, full throttle!

Fellow Mystere Vision LLC Artist Singer Songwriter Briggette Scott complements the hip hop jazzy neo souly vibe type track. This may be one of most favorable records on the album where he’s not making a reference to hitches & boes!

STREAM “THE GET BACK” https://open.spotify.com/album/6mdssM… PURCHASE “THE GET BACK” https://music.apple.com/us/album/the-… https://noljones.com





Mystere Vision LLC Artist NOL Jones is Emerging musician out of central jersey making amazing music that most people don’t make anymore.

Growing up he was always around music, his father was a rapper/producer very involved in the music industry. His father met his mother with the help of Eminem’s tour manager (to be) & then NOL was born.

He started out making beats with a close friend in 2015, inspired by people such as J Dilla, Madlib & 9th wonder. This eventually led to him writing his first rap, which then led to him writing a verse every single day. He focused on production for the whole summer of 2016, making 1,000+ finished hip hop beats with his own energy & inspiration while mastering his signature trap sound.

His versatility allows him to bring you back with vivid storytelling & unique wordplay, while his uptempo music is undeniably good compared to mainstream records. The mix of quality instrumentals & supreme lyrics is helping him take New Jersey by storm.

Shot & Chopped By: Chainsaw for Listen to the DJ LLC

Lighting: Deezal Beats RIP

Intro Theme Song: Briggette Scott prod by D Sorce

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